Heaven and Hell… (Explained)

Ok so for obvious reasons i’m going to go ahead and assume we all know about “Heaven” And “Hell”. Well at least what we think we know about heaven and hell… OK so i’ll put it to you like this, When we die A Part of our Consciousness Also know as the “Soul” or “Spirit” of a person Departs the Physical Body. It’s Strongly believed that this small Piece of consciousness is stored in our Pineal Gland (A Nut sized gland in the brain). when we die we remember our last feelings, Perhapps it be that we Are angry and Depressed, Or perhapps we are feeling Happpy, and rather content with our life’s at the time of Spiritual Departure, Thus explaining Heaven and Hell. To make it even simpler for people, If you die angry at something or someone or you are feeling Sad and Alone. then that is how your soul will feel as it Enters the next Plain/realm It will be angry, sad or Alone  – Fire or Eternal Darkness. Or, if you are feeling happy and Joyful then you will create a Heaven like Experience for you while your Soul looks for a New Body to Inhabit.

But do we really get stuck in this State for Ever/Eternity. No we don’t, see within allot of Religions People Are not aware of how big Space and time is, see to get from one side of the Universe to the other let’s just say the amount of years it would take Would require over a billion Pages to Write out the numbers… It is Close to Infinite but not quite.

So there you Go, i have just explained “Heaven” & “Hell”, If you question a Christian about this, they will try to throw it in your face and Deny it, or Even read a bible Script to you…. This is simply a defense Mechanism, see they are taught by the so called “good book” To believe and Trust in a Higher Power – God. (Governments)  & the “Elite”. 


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