It’s getting worse! But in which Reality?

Well folks, I guess i could say Buckle up, and get ready for one hell of a ride,

The Economy is about to come to a complete stand still.

We will soon have to rely on our Natural instincts in order to survive. Money will be useless and we will have to Adapt to living off the earth,,

Volcanoes are blowing their caps, and Unleashing massive ash clouds, Killing much wild life, and Damaging eco systems

Country’s, coming in to seasons months off course. (it becoming winter 2 months early in country’s. And Spring is coming late for other country’s, Plants Flowering Months earlier than scheduled.

we are about to Take a roller coaster ride, so strap in and buckle up!  – Stay calm Spiritually Meditate, and Ask your inner self what you need to be doing to prepare.


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