Time to find the real you.

Short Message from the Author –  i Have noticed my view Statistics are up more, Welcome and Hello to any new Readers, it makes me very happy to know that what i type isn’t just sitting here and Collecting Dust.

Article – From birth we are Locked in a Prison, we are Influenced and Formed Entirely from Society, We don’t get a chance to be us, And then it just get’s worse, we go through school where we get Programmed and Taught all the wrong things, Sure they teach us About Mathematics and English, Science and Culture. but Imagine what your life would be like if you were born in the Forrest and Raised by a clan of Monkeys, Yes i know it sounds crazy, but it would be so much better then being raised and formed in to some one your not, People get confused and ask them self’s why Bad people are brought to this Place, Well Bad people are not brought here, Society Makes bad people… Take a child and Put them through a Traumatic Upbringing, relationships, Addiction to drugs or Alcohol, witnessing fights, Arguments, Abuse, Guilt, Punishment,  and Eventually we grow up to think that these things are alright, and that is how we are supposed to be, It’s NOT at all how we are supposed to be. So here is what you need to do right NOW, You need to lay down, And completely block out the world around you, Forget about religion, Power, Work, Money. All of those Responsibility’s, Just block them out. Imagine a white glowing bubble around you, you are Comfortable in this bubble, and it cannot be Penetrated by Those Annoying impulses. Now take a few deep breaths and Imagine yourself Floating out of your Physical body, a Cloud of white glowing energy leaving the Waste that is our everyday life/Body. This is who you are, a Soul, a spirit, A Manifestation of Light Energy And Consciousness from the Source, You are Pure And you are Destined to be something better and More then what you are now.We grow up fearing 1 thing, and that is failure. Failing our Parents, our Siblings, or even our Church/Deity. If we Fail, then Life is over? No it’s not, you cannot fail, because what you choose to do in life is a win situation, because you are Living, You are doing what makes you feel good, You are a Success no matter what, and if you think otherwise then you are wrong, Society has a great pull over us Individuals, They are like Zombies, Sheep Trying to Influence those who are Different, If your reading this Article then there is a Reason for finding it. Peace and Good luck over the next few days. Thanks for reading x


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