What is Gaia?

Ok, so yes i am going to tell you all about Gaia and How she works, It is strongly believed by some that Earth (As a planet) Is actually one Big living Creature, And we (Her Inhabitants) Are like a Bacteria Similar to what is seen within the Human body.

For awhile i didn’t believe  this until i recently Discovered something Interesting.

Earth Is allot like the Human Anatomy, Our lungs turn Oxygen in to Carbon Dioxide and Earth Recycles the Carbon Dioxide and turns it in to Oxygen, through Trees And Minerals in the Air, so we are sort of taking care of each others waste, if that makes sense.

Our Heart Cycles blood through our body’s, and without blood we would die, The earth Has Rivers and Streams, Lakes and Dams Without them we would die. It is Our Entire Source of life, without H2o we would be Nothing, trees would die And so would we. Take a long River, like the Nile in Egypt it is like a MASSIVE Artery of which the Earth Sources life. 

When our body is under attack by Microscopic organisms like Virus’s or Infection we naturally fight it off with a Fever, either our Core temperature Drops or Rises, This is very Similar to Climate change/Global warming, The earth is at Full Capacity and Needs to kill off some of these Bacteria’s so she can survive, she dose this by Over heating the Surface Temperature, or Makes things very Cool/wet.

The Brain, Is not any one Recognizable Planetary Organ, but take a look at these pictures. 


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