2012 is here, No signs of Easing up/

Well if you haven’t already heard, We have a super volcano which looks like it’s about to blow, which will most likely Wipe London, and Parts of Germany out, On top of that New Zealend  seems to be Sinking 😐 With Earthquake Swarms now Occurring Daily, we have Massive Animal Deaths all over the place, and Solar flares Filling earths Atmosphere with more Radiation then Imaginable.

– But wait, let’s put all of this Aside for good, and talk about some of the Spiritual Side effects that allot of you Might just be starting to Experience, Often we are told that dreaming is really just your Mind Pulling up random thoughts and Memories while your body is Asleep, Wrong… And here is why, it has been Proven, Above Science that you create your own reality when you sleep, And allot of the time you Project this “dream state” In to real life, Now i have been having some really scary dreams lately, Mostly About Light, and Love. And it’s weird i met a guy and fell in love, but before this happened i dreamed about it.  this could be happening with you, Perhapps you have always experienced this, but at this time it’s Progressing and your dreams are becoming more and more Lucid.

Vibrations and Harmonic tones.

ever feel like you are Vibrating at an Immense speed? well that is because you ARE. everything that exists on earth is Constantly Vibrating, it’s the Dimension we were living on. If you haven’t noticed the changes then don’t worry You will. I have seen many reports on People being able to feel shifting in the Vibrations that of which they Exist on, At the same time they have Reported hearing Tones/shifting frequencies, everything travels in it’s own Unique Frequency including sound, In fact if you take away all noises, and Amplify the Silence, you will hear these Light Angelic Harmonics.

Time Speeding up or Slowing down?

Have you been noticing you average day has Sped up or Slowed down? And then you look at the clock and think to yourself Maybe… Just maybe i am loosing my mind, Your not. Time doesn’t exist… Day and Night exist, but time is Man made, take away all of the clocks in the world, and BAM your left with Day and Night. For some strange reason (which is known) Time has been changed on a Conscious level, As in all of the clocks may be saying the same things, But what your minds are telling you could be Quite different, Start listening to your Bio-metric clock 🙂 – Peace, Love and Light QLD Australia xx


– Quick message, Don’t worry folks, Your not the only ones feeling these weird changes, but thankfully you are Strong minded and Have been able to Notice/Accept them, otherwise how else did you come across my blog ;)?


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