we are an Alien Species living in Alien territory.

Our Civilisation falls into 0 of 4 Categories that are in Space. There is category 1 Which is a Civilisation that controls the entire planet, They are a planetary Network They control Nature, and Can Trigger Earth changes. then there is a Category 2 Civilisation Which can Control the Entire Output of a Star/Sun, They are IMMORTAL to any Known Science, They can Survive Anything.. nothing can Kill a Category 2 Civilisation not even the Death or Supernova Of their own Star… Then there is a Category 3 Civilisation, They are Multi Dimensional, And control the Entire Output of the Galaxy (Milky way) They are Abundant, Never Ending, The highest of Immortals. And then there is Category 4, which is dark Matter, the Concept of Infinity. Alone it makes up for 74% of the universe.

So, where does that leave us Sitting down here on Planet earth? Well we fall into Category ZERO -0-. We do not control Our sun, we do NOT Control the Space and time Continuum. HOWEVER, it has been calculated that by the year 2100 Earth will swiftly Become a Type 1 Civilisation, We are beginning to see the start of a Type ONE Civilisation, the Internet = A type one Civilisations Telephone, HAARP = A type one Planetary remote Control.


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