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You know how you feel like something big is about to happen, Something so big that it is out of Everybody’s Control? Well that could be because something big and Uncontrollable IS about to happen, And we Like to call it a Global Shift in Consciousness – The Concept of a global Conscious Shift was actually discovered Thousands of years ago By Ancient Civilizations Including the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Hopi tribes, and seen in many Ancient Chinese Prophecy’s And yes… The Maya Civilization Also Knew about this.

when people here about this they strait away Assume I* am talking about the whole “Doomsday Prophecy” or the “End of the world” No  I am not, However When a global Conscious shift occurs it’s usually followed by Global Disaster, The great flood in the bible, the sinking of Atlantis, World war II, etc etc. There are quite a few Explanations for this, Sure if your Skeptical then you choose one that suits you Either way they all Amount to the same thing and that is How the Universe works.  there is the “Alien Experiment”  Also the Good old “Solar Destruction/sun Ejecting Massive Gamma rays” Followed by an “Extraterrestrial Comet Having impact with earth” “A pole shift” “Ice age” the list goes on and on…

#1Aliens –  Some Ancient drawings found under pyramids in Egypt show the Sky opening up and the Gods coming down to Save the Human race, By gods we mean the Anunnaki

#1 (Aliens) now allot of Skeptical people strait away Dismiss the idea of this, as they cannot see “Aliens” with their Bare eyes, well you won’t until they think you are ready to see them and by You i mean us (Note That there has been MORE UFO sightings in 2011 then Ever before), Your probably asking yourself why i call You Us’, Here is why. The planet (Humans’ are literally all 1 person Consciously speaking, Over the Millenia we have Expanded, which is Exactly what the Universe dose, it Grows.

to Enlighten you some more;  in the beginning of the bible, “Genesis” they speak of The gods coming to earth in the forms of Giant Beings of light, these are the Anunnaki And they have saved the Human race from Extinction Countless times, They are our Protectors.

Although the Anunnaki cannot be seen to the naked eye, they can be seen on the Astral Plain, or the 5th Dimension (yes it’s possible for us to reach the 5th dimension) and this Conscious shift, or Shift in our DNA or what ever you want to call it, will put us in the 5th Dimension.

You hear about “Alien Abductions” “Crop Circles” and people being hurt by these Beings of light, it Simply is NOT true, they are here to help us and yes people have been “Abducted” in the past, but not in a harmful way, simply so that they could be further Studied, and so that the Anunnaki Can Examine how their Creations are going. Yes they are our Genetic Parents, they Created us out of their Own Image, it is Believed they are Half Reptilian By few people, But if you didn’t already know this, Humans have a strand of REPTILE DNA in them….

#2 Orgasmic sun – As we are Approaching the Solar Maximum (every 11 years) Where there is Increased solar Activity And LOT’S of CME’s or Solar flares. Anyone who is into Astronomy will Know that our Sun is Starting to awaken In the way of Activity and that this Solar maximum that can last up to 3 years, 2011-2012-2013 Is going to be one of the Most Harsh Periods of solar activity seen in a very long time Earth has already been Impacted by A few CME’s Explaining the Bizarre Blood red Northern lights seen Across half of the globe (The US mostly). To shed some more light on things in 1953 There was a CME that impacted earth which resulted in Total Destruction of anything Electronic, Half of the Globe had faulty Electricity for a few months… Cost to repair this was in the Billions, This solar maximum will be 3 – 4 times as intense as that, As our Magnetic field (Earths Shield from the sun) Is Currently Dying/ Way worse then it was 50 -60 years ago. No one knows why, people blame it on Green house Emission And Co2 Gasses, but Something as big as a Planets Magnetic field cannot be this damaged by Man made Substances/gasses.

#3 Deep Impact – Great movie if you haven’t seen it i suggest you do ASAP, But anyways The chances of a Comet’s hitting earth are very High To our surprise. The best way for me to explain it is that we are sitting in the middle of a pool table in space (Not literally but you get what i mean) We have Asteroids and comets, and Meteors and “UFO’s” whizzing by us On a Daily Basis, the most recent comet was Elenin, which Got killed by our Star/sun, Pheeeeww. But on a few Occasions the earth has not had such luck, the last time a Comet of large mass hit earth it Resulted in an ELE – Extinction Level Event, Yes the Dinosaurs were Wiped out completely By a Comet of very large Mass. Is it possible for us to get hit in the future? Yes it’s a very Likely Possibility Although science now days Is over 1,000000 times more advanced then it was back when T-rex ruled the world..

#4 Pole shift – Although Scintists Dismiss the Idea of this, it’s actually very Possible to Happen, It is when the Earths Magnetic field dose a complete 360 twist, Making the north pole the south pole, Although No one knows for Certain what could cause something like this. However there is Data that says it’s very Possible, if this did Ocurr It would result in Massive Earthquakes and MASSIVE Tsunamis, As the earths Crust Would become Displaced, as the Planet Rolls and tumbles in space, like an Out of controll Yo Yo.

#5 Ice age – Well we have all seen Disneys Ice age, yes the cute Movie about the Mammoth and the saber tooth tiger and the little tribal baby, But back to the point. An ice age (Another Unexplained anomaly) is where a Cosmic winter Engulfs the Planet in Ice, Snow, and Super freezing Temperatures, This has happened in the more recent 1000’s of years, And it has Not resulted as an Extinction level event But More of a “i just froze you and Killed half the planet” type of thing. Is this Possible to occur again? Well it’s happened before so what’s to say it wont happen again?. But of course in this day and Age with Science being as advanced as it is this probably will not Have such Devastating effects on earth, As we have Our Heaters and Air Conditioning, We would still require our “Primal Instincts” to over come it though, As crops and most food would Die and sourcing fresh water would become a rather hard mission.

Yes there are some Scary things out there that could Completely Wipe us all out, but we cannot Live in fear of this, we Don’t need to live in the shadow of Doubt and Uncertainty. and that is what i am here to show you, they may teach us about the Physical Things, Science, maths, English, history, home Economics, PE, Art and what not  But what they don’t teach us about is the Unknown side of things, the Spirit, Conciousness, Life after death, And how Consciousness lasts for ever, it is PIE and that means  INFINITY. 

So i am here to show you some rather Interesting things, So Sit back Scroll through my blog and Enjoy, Thanks Much light and Love from QLD Australia.

If anyone wishes to Contact me for Questions & Answers: Email  – Callumlowe24@hotmail.com Skype – Callyrox69

I look forward to hearing from you.

– I am in no way shape or form, trying to Be a doomsayer, Nor am i Engulfing you with Religious Crap, this is Modern Verified Facts that Governments and educations systems fail to teach.


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