2012 is here, No signs of Easing up/

Well if you haven’t already heard, We have a super volcano which looks like it’s about to blow, which will most likely Wipe London, and Parts of Germany out, On top of that New Zealend  seems to be Sinking 😐 With Earthquake Swarms now Occurring Daily, we have Massive Animal Deaths all over the place, and Solar flares Filling earths Atmosphere with more Radiation then Imaginable.

– But wait, let’s put all of this Aside for good, and talk about some of the Spiritual Side effects that allot of you Might just be starting to Experience, Often we are told that dreaming is really just your Mind Pulling up random thoughts and Memories while your body is Asleep, Wrong… And here is why, it has been Proven, Above Science that you create your own reality when you sleep, And allot of the time you Project this “dream state” In to real life, Now i have been having some really scary dreams lately, Mostly About Light, and Love. And it’s weird i met a guy and fell in love, but before this happened i dreamed about it.  this could be happening with you, Perhapps you have always experienced this, but at this time it’s Progressing and your dreams are becoming more and more Lucid.

Vibrations and Harmonic tones.

ever feel like you are Vibrating at an Immense speed? well that is because you ARE. everything that exists on earth is Constantly Vibrating, it’s the Dimension we were living on. If you haven’t noticed the changes then don’t worry You will. I have seen many reports on People being able to feel shifting in the Vibrations that of which they Exist on, At the same time they have Reported hearing Tones/shifting frequencies, everything travels in it’s own Unique Frequency including sound, In fact if you take away all noises, and Amplify the Silence, you will hear these Light Angelic Harmonics.

Time Speeding up or Slowing down?

Have you been noticing you average day has Sped up or Slowed down? And then you look at the clock and think to yourself Maybe… Just maybe i am loosing my mind, Your not. Time doesn’t exist… Day and Night exist, but time is Man made, take away all of the clocks in the world, and BAM your left with Day and Night. For some strange reason (which is known) Time has been changed on a Conscious level, As in all of the clocks may be saying the same things, But what your minds are telling you could be Quite different, Start listening to your Bio-metric clock 🙂 – Peace, Love and Light QLD Australia xx


– Quick message, Don’t worry folks, Your not the only ones feeling these weird changes, but thankfully you are Strong minded and Have been able to Notice/Accept them, otherwise how else did you come across my blog ;)?


Time to find the real you.

Short Message from the Author –  i Have noticed my view Statistics are up more, Welcome and Hello to any new Readers, it makes me very happy to know that what i type isn’t just sitting here and Collecting Dust.

Article – From birth we are Locked in a Prison, we are Influenced and Formed Entirely from Society, We don’t get a chance to be us, And then it just get’s worse, we go through school where we get Programmed and Taught all the wrong things, Sure they teach us About Mathematics and English, Science and Culture. but Imagine what your life would be like if you were born in the Forrest and Raised by a clan of Monkeys, Yes i know it sounds crazy, but it would be so much better then being raised and formed in to some one your not, People get confused and ask them self’s why Bad people are brought to this Place, Well Bad people are not brought here, Society Makes bad people… Take a child and Put them through a Traumatic Upbringing, relationships, Addiction to drugs or Alcohol, witnessing fights, Arguments, Abuse, Guilt, Punishment,  and Eventually we grow up to think that these things are alright, and that is how we are supposed to be, It’s NOT at all how we are supposed to be. So here is what you need to do right NOW, You need to lay down, And completely block out the world around you, Forget about religion, Power, Work, Money. All of those Responsibility’s, Just block them out. Imagine a white glowing bubble around you, you are Comfortable in this bubble, and it cannot be Penetrated by Those Annoying impulses. Now take a few deep breaths and Imagine yourself Floating out of your Physical body, a Cloud of white glowing energy leaving the Waste that is our everyday life/Body. This is who you are, a Soul, a spirit, A Manifestation of Light Energy And Consciousness from the Source, You are Pure And you are Destined to be something better and More then what you are now.We grow up fearing 1 thing, and that is failure. Failing our Parents, our Siblings, or even our Church/Deity. If we Fail, then Life is over? No it’s not, you cannot fail, because what you choose to do in life is a win situation, because you are Living, You are doing what makes you feel good, You are a Success no matter what, and if you think otherwise then you are wrong, Society has a great pull over us Individuals, They are like Zombies, Sheep Trying to Influence those who are Different, If your reading this Article then there is a Reason for finding it. Peace and Good luck over the next few days. Thanks for reading x

The Ascension

Ok, the Scinitists have done the Math, and they have concluded that the earth could of survived for 6000 years, with 1 billion Humans,  Along with all other species. But we are now at a population of 8 BILLION. The earth is over crowded and dying, she needs to refresh herself, and remove The unnecessary. We will rise up in to the light, and be taken back to the source of all energy.


It’s getting worse! But in which Reality?

Well folks, I guess i could say Buckle up, and get ready for one hell of a ride,

The Economy is about to come to a complete stand still.

We will soon have to rely on our Natural instincts in order to survive. Money will be useless and we will have to Adapt to living off the earth,,

Volcanoes are blowing their caps, and Unleashing massive ash clouds, Killing much wild life, and Damaging eco systems

Country’s, coming in to seasons months off course. (it becoming winter 2 months early in country’s. And Spring is coming late for other country’s, Plants Flowering Months earlier than scheduled.

we are about to Take a roller coaster ride, so strap in and buckle up!  – Stay calm Spiritually Meditate, and Ask your inner self what you need to be doing to prepare.

Heaven and Hell… (Explained)

Ok so for obvious reasons i’m going to go ahead and assume we all know about “Heaven” And “Hell”. Well at least what we think we know about heaven and hell… OK so i’ll put it to you like this, When we die A Part of our Consciousness Also know as the “Soul” or “Spirit” of a person Departs the Physical Body. It’s Strongly believed that this small Piece of consciousness is stored in our Pineal Gland (A Nut sized gland in the brain). when we die we remember our last feelings, Perhapps it be that we Are angry and Depressed, Or perhapps we are feeling Happpy, and rather content with our life’s at the time of Spiritual Departure, Thus explaining Heaven and Hell. To make it even simpler for people, If you die angry at something or someone or you are feeling Sad and Alone. then that is how your soul will feel as it Enters the next Plain/realm It will be angry, sad or Alone  – Fire or Eternal Darkness. Or, if you are feeling happy and Joyful then you will create a Heaven like Experience for you while your Soul looks for a New Body to Inhabit.

But do we really get stuck in this State for Ever/Eternity. No we don’t, see within allot of Religions People Are not aware of how big Space and time is, see to get from one side of the Universe to the other let’s just say the amount of years it would take Would require over a billion Pages to Write out the numbers… It is Close to Infinite but not quite.

So there you Go, i have just explained “Heaven” & “Hell”, If you question a Christian about this, they will try to throw it in your face and Deny it, or Even read a bible Script to you…. This is simply a defense Mechanism, see they are taught by the so called “good book” To believe and Trust in a Higher Power – God. (Governments)  & the “Elite”. 

The Transition of Ages ~ Pisces to Aquarius (Interesting)

First of all Sorry i have not Updated The last few days. Been a bit busy, Anyways Back to it now, Enjoy. Peace and light x x.:

It’s Believed by Astrologists and Astronomers that in the year  2000 our pole star/sun and Vega, another star/sun in The Galaxy, Were in conjunction with each other, following which the Aquarian Age was fully with us, but only fully with us in the sense that we shall be entering it and the Piscean Age will Be over.

It takes about 2,160 years for the earth to go through each sign. So as we enter Aquarius, we leave the Piscean Age, which began with the birth of Christ. The sign of Pisces is two fish. And these two fishies represent duality and the struggle of the opposites.

During the Piscean Age, which will perhaps be remembered as the Age of Faith, there was a great deal of structure and conflict between opposing ideologies: church against state, science versus religion and spirituality versus materialism.

As we know, greed and power mongering permeates our existence and instead of looking within, many look outside for satisfaction, pleasure, growth and enlightenment. Many have blindly obeyed laws and so-called authority. We’ve seemed to forget that we’re souls having a physical experience.

At a glance the Piscean Age looks pretty negative and yet the influences of this time were necessary in the process of evolution, says Johnson. “Life is a school so every age is necessary for the development of our psyche. There are lessons that needed to be learned.”

 Age of Reason

Aquarius is the water bearer, its ruler is Uranus. Aquarius’ imagery is that of the servant pouring out the water of knowledge, quenching the world during a time of spiritual drought.

We’re moving into a great age that promotes the radical, the unexpected, and the freedom to follow our impulses on all levels. Gone will be the days of false doctrines and absurd ideas about God, medicine, education, and love. Material greed and political power will crumble, making way for spiritual rebirth / self-knowledge. Hallelujah!

The control and power that corporations and government have had over us will be overthrown and revised by humanity as a whole. No longer will the majority be ruled by a few select individuals. Also, science and religion will merge and people will begin to comprehend that spirit and matter are derived from the same source, and are only modifications of the One Universal Energy.

Meanwhile, UFO’s, alternative medicine, astrology, and other subjects previously looked upon as weird or taboo will become more and more commonplace. ‘Mystical’ methods of self-help and understanding will help people to become more in tune with their spiritual selves in preparation for The Age of Aquarius.

“The Aquarian Age is about harmony, equality and balance. We’re going to let go of ego and the belief that man is better than anything else on the planet,” If there’s one quality that will define the Aquarian age, it is compassion.

It is also important to mention that the feminine aspects of Humanity, which have been ignored, neglected and reviled for the eternity of the Age of Pisces, will again be recognized and revered. Now society will come to terms with divinity of both masculine and feminine aspects, of Mother Earth and Father Sky, of yin and yang, and of the synthesis of energies for a more balanced world view.

Bumpy Road Ahead

As you’re aware, life on Earth seems to be going off the rails in more ways than one. Yet with any transition comes some degree of disruption. Earthlings are struggling to adapt to the new energies. And of course there is resistance. The lower energies of the Piscean Age (greed, ego, ignorance, curiosity, jealousy etc.) are putting up a hell of fight against the higher energies (peace, unity, love, truth, knowledge and selfless behavior etc.) of the Aquarian Age.

The best way to deal is to concentrate on your own growth. By raising your personal energy, you enhance the wholeness of others, and thus raise the vibrations of humanity. To bring yourself in tune with the spirit of the coming age, do your best to live a life of service to humanity, exercise compassion.

The group the Fifth Dimension was right when they sang:

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revalation
And the mind’s true liberation

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius


Reincarnated WW II fighter?

BATON ROUGE, LA – A Louisiana couple have written a book defending their belief that their son was a World War II fighter pilot in a past life.

Bruce and Andrea Leininger appeared on “Good Morning America” to promote their book, Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot. Their son James, now 11, was obsessed with fighter planes from an early age. But around when he turned two years old, James began to have vivid nightmares of dying in a plane crash in water.

The Leiningers swear that James only watched children’s television, and was never exposed to anything that could have triggered that kind of imagination. With nowhere to turn, Andrea got in contact with Carol Bowman, a specialist in past lives counseling. Bowman taught the parents how to talk to James about his nightmares in order to learn who he was reliving.

After two years, the Leiningers had gathered enough details to determine James was in fact reliving the death of Lt. James McCready Huston, a 21-year-old Navy pilot who died during World War II when his plane was shot down in the Pacific Ocean in March 1945. Even James Huston’s now elderly sister has met the boy, and believes it is true.

These days, James does not have the vivid memories he once did, but he is excited about the book being released. Take a look at the video below of James as a child: